Welcome to Radio In a Purse (RIP)


An ear open

fo stories, questions, ideas, confusions and confessions about 

 gender, sexuality and sexual harassment/violence;

with a focus on student activism and college spaces. 



This is a space for  anger, shame, sorrow, discomfort, unease, resistance, fear

around experiences of harassment and cultures of silence and shame; 

On stereotyping, ....humour, peer-pressure, bullying, mobility, risk, movements and desire


Here, you can listen to stories and experiences already in the purse and record your own- a personal experience or something you have witnessed. You could use any format: it could be a conversation between friends, a letter to someone, a testimonial, an interview, a monologue, or a poem. 


A purse full of stories might make you feel less alone.

It can be a space for you to share what might have been left unsaid.  

A space to listen to other people, in anonymity, without fear and judgement.



This blog is an online manifestation of the purse.

We could also visit your campus with the purse.

The purse is currently stationed in Bangalore,

but this space is open for students from other places. to share their stories. 












The name and method of the project are inspired by an older form of community radio called "Backpack Radio" or "Radio In A Backpack", wherein all recording equipment one required was in a backpack. This allowed one mobility in setting up radio stations in different spaces.




The Purse is anonymous. You don't need to reveal who you are.


In the coming months, we will share these stories:


  1. In smaller groups within and outside college spaces as listening rooms 

  2. Through audio installations in public spaces

  3. Online as podcasts/episodes, and through other forms including WhatsApp.

  4. If students want to use the purse to start conversations with their college, or their friends, we are happy to help facilitate this.

    If you have questions or want to invite us to your campus 
    please get in touch with us. 

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