Responses to Experiences of Harassment




How does one react to to an instance of sexual harassment? Are you better off keeping silent about it because you are afraid of the consequences of speaking out? Or is it better to speak out, inspite of whatever situation you may find yourself in? Why is there a feeling that you need to keep silent? Do we have the language to actually articulate an experience?




Inside the Classroom




Issues of sexuality, inequality and harassment stretch beyond the actual act of physical harassment. A classroom can become an uncomfortable space when contrasting ideas on the issue come to the fore. Is it wrong to make a sexist joke? How do I speak to the opposite gender about my own experiences and thoughts on the subject? Are my views worth the same as others'? Why are some forms of sexuality accepted while others are frowned upon?


The Menu Card of Harassment 


The act of sexual harassment varies from location, to form to type and the reactions vary too. Here is a collection of some personal experiences of harassment and the reactions to them. 

Questions that Remain


When it comes to harassment and discrimination, the experiences, thoughts and questions are often left unanswered. Questions about the position of men within the discourse, the efficiency of the language we have to deal with or even just to question the reasons why certain individuals act the way they do. Is there a definite answer?

In Conversation with Men




Within a college space interactions with male peers are often limited by contrasting perspectives caused by gender bias. Issues are often trivialised or there is no space for discussion. 

The College is a Hostile Space


Often when interacting with institutions students come up against brick walls. In dealing with instances of sexual harassment,  discrimination or sexuality there is a culture of silence wherein students are discouraged from speaking up. Often the response is to sweep it under the carpet in order to save the reputation of the university or to adhere to conservative cultural attitudes. 

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